Talks and Webinars

Here's a list of talks and webinars that I did so far. I really enjoy sharing knowledge, so if you're interested in a talk, feel free to contact me!

Upcoming Talks

Event Topic Date Location Link
Mollie x Shopware Developer Meetup How to enhance developer productivity (Fixtures, NGROK, Cypress, ...) 19.09.2023, 6pm Cologne Mollie Registration Page
International PHP Conference From the Dream of a Long-lasting Software Architecture 23 - 27 Oct. 2023 Munich
International PHP Conference Design Patterns for Sustainable Automatic E2E Tests 23 - 27 Oct. 2023 Munich

Past Talks

Event Topic Date Location Link
Pimcore User Group (Rhein-Main). PHPUnuhi - Das Dev-Tool zur Validierung und Wartung von Übersetzungen 27.07.2023, 6pm Hanau/Online YouTube Video
Never Code Alone Shopware Demo Projekt mit OpenAI verbinden & Demo-Daten erzeugen 13.07.2023 Online YouTube Video
Never Code Alone Deep Dive into the Shopware AI Demo Data Generator plugin 28.06.2023 Online YouTube Video
Shopware SCD 2023 We Rise Above Beyond 24.05.2023 Duisburg YouTube Video
basecom Shopware 6.5 - Deep Dive for Developers 03.05.2023 Online YouTube Video
CMS Garden PHPUnuhi 02.05.2023 Online N/A PHP Day PHP 8.2: Safeguarding Your Logs With SensitiveParameters 19.04.2023 Online
Super Duper Developers Club Podcast In fünf Jahren wird es keine Tester mehr geben 21.03.2023 Online
Backend User Group Osnabrück PHPUnuhi 16.03.2023 Online YouTube Video
The Code and Coffee Show Learn how to cover your PHP application with tests 11.01.2023 Online YouTube Video
Mollie Developer Community Meetup Cypress and TestRail for developers 16.11.2022 Amsterdam N/A
Buddy Webinar How to automate tests with Cypress and TestRail 21.09.2022 Online YouTube Video
Never Code Alone Live Coding with Nevercodealone - Dockware 23.08.2022 Online YouTube Video
Shopware TV {DEV}initely Durch die Nacht mit Christian Dangl 02.08.2022 Online Video
Backend User Group Osnabrück Dockware - Docker mit Twig und Co 21.07.2022 Osnabrück N/A Podcast Christian von Dockware 29.04.2022 Online YouTube Video
Buddy Webinar E-Commerce Automation for DevOps Pros 23.02.2022 Online YouTube Video
German Cypress Community Meetup Design patterns for sustainable automatic E2E Tests 23.01.2022 Online YouTube Video
Leeway Academy Interview Christian Dangl 12.01.2022 Online YouTube Video
Reacticon Rock-Solid CI/CD Pipelines for your Shopware Plugins 12.10.2021 Online YouTube Video
Shopware SCD 2021 Design patterns for sustainable automatic E2E Tests 02.09.2021 Online N/A
DMEXCO ARMEDANGELS – Eine Fair Fashion Brand migriert zu Shopware 6 10.11.2020 Online
Shopware United Shopware 6 Internationalization Basics 04.11.2020 Online N/A
Shopware Webinar Professionelles Cookie Management 16.06.2020 Online YouTube Video
Shopware SCD 2020 Don't fear the Docker 20.05.2020 Online YouTube Video
Shopware Webinar Shopware 6 Promotions für alle! 08.04.2020 Online YouTube Video
ISPO Munich Shopware Success Story: Amplid + Pally'Hi 03.07.2019 Munich N/A